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295-8888, Category 4
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6 Teams and 11 Players Registered
Team: Humpty Bumpties, League-Division: Mixed, Thursday
Captain: Chris Van Buer — To join the "Humpty Bumpties" team
 registered team members 
Team: NAUTS (No Air Under The Shoes), League-Division: Mixed, Thursday
Captain: David Taylor — To join the "NAUTS (No Air Under The Shoes)" team
 registered team members 
• Steve Carlson • Dan Kaspari • Steve Quella • David Taylor • Robert Taylor
• Bryan Wesner        
Team: No Diggity, League-Division: Mixed, Thursday
Captain: Ben Oliver — To join the "No Diggity" team
 registered team members 
Team: Num Yummy, League-Division: Mixed, Wednesday
Captain: Roger Yum — To join the "Num Yummy" team
 registered team members 
• Roger Yum        
Team: Sluggos, League-Division: Mixed, Wednesday
Captain: AJ Lindaman — To join the "Sluggos" team
 registered team members 
Team: Wednesday Players, League-Division: Mixed, Wednesday
Captain: Kevin Hasselquist — To join the "Wednesday Players" team
 registered team members 
• Del Ray Axtell • Kevin Hasselquist • William Klema • Jessica Muxen  
 Summer 2018 League Standings
 Team W  L Gpct
2 - Bump, Set, Spike 7  0 90 
3 - Michel OB 4  1 77 
4 - May the Spike be With You 0  3 11 
6 - The Upset Porcupines 0  3 11 
1 - Gōngzuò Péngyǒu 0  1 
7 - Hit the Roof 0  1 
5 - We Showed Up 0  2 
Complete standings and schedule

For more information, contact either:
Tim Gale (x53989)
Nick Barbaro (x54554)