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 Teams and power levels
Do I need to form a team or does the league coordinator form them?
Sadly, league registration is only by teams.   You will need to find or make a team to be able to play in the volleyball league.  The league coordinator will facilitate team match-making via the leagueís website (   There will be a section where teams can list themselves if they are looking for players, and a section where individual can list their name for others to contact them.

I don't have a team.  Can you assign me to a team?
Since league registration is only by teams, you will need to find or make a team yourself.

How are teams organized?
For summer and winter leagues, team can sign up for Coed or Open leagues. The winter leagues are further divided skill level.   The summer leagues are not divided any further.  (I.e. one skill level fits all.)

Me and several of my friends would like to play, how do we join the league?
I would recommend forming your own team.   If you have six players or more, you are set and can register as a team.  If you are short a player or two, send the league coordinator an e-mail during the registration period requesting that your team be posted on the website ( for other to contact you.

I'm new in town and I don't know anyone.  How can I get on a team?
Send the league coordinator an e-mail during the registration period requesting that your name be posted on the website ( so that other individuals or teams looking for players can contact you.

I am an experienced player, how can I find a team to play at my level?
If you have requested the league coordinator to post your name on the website, you can specify what power level you wish to play.  However, during the summer leagues, there is only one power level.

Can my wife play on the same team as me?
Yes she can.  Since the players are responsible for forming their own teams, you can put any eligible participant on their team.

Are there different levels of play? i.e. a beginner league?
During the winter leagues, there are generally 3 to 4 power levels to choose from.  However, during the summer leagues, there is only one power level available for each the coed and open leagues.

How do I know which division or power level to register for?
For summer league, itís easy.  There is only one power level available: FUN.   For winter leagues, I recommend you contact someone already playing in the league, or the league coordinator to help assess which division is best suited for you.

If you would need a substitute volleyball player, I might be interested. What would I need to do?
The league coordinator only deals with team registrations and scheduling. Players are required to form their own teams and find any necessary substitutes in conjunction with their team captain.
Do you have to work at Rockwell or be a member of the Rockwell Rec. Center to play in the league?
No.  Eligible participants include Rockwell Collins employees, contractors, or retirees, and their spouses.  You are also eligible to play if you are a Rockwell Rec. Center member.

Can spouses play?
Yes, spouses of Rockwell Collins employees, contractors, or retirees, may play.

Can my daughter play on the team with my wife and myself?
Your daughter (or son) is only eligible to play in the league if she is a Rockwell Rec. Center member and is at least 18 years old.   If she is eligible, then she is able to play on your team.

 Dates and deadlines
How long does the league run?
The winter leagues run 14 or 15 weeks. The summer leagues run 10 or 11 weeks.   Typically, all but the last two weeks are considered regular season, with the last two setup for a single elimination tournament.

By when do I need to sign up to play volleyball?
The registration deadline for all teams is the Wednesday preceeding the first day of play for the season.   Typically the first Wednesday of June for summer leagues, and the last Wednesday of October for winter leagues.

Will there be an informational meeting about the upcoming season?
Yes.  Informational meetings are always scheduled 4 weeks before the beginning of the season. For winter leagues, that would be sometime early in October.   For summer leagues, that would be sometime early in May.   Date, time, and location, will be posted in the Rockwell Rec. Center, and in the Collins Today bulletin.

 Schedule and Tournament
What days or nights are games scheduled?
Depending if you are playing in the Coed or the Open league.
For summer sandpit volleyball, all Coed League games are scheduled for Wednesday evening, while Open League games are scheduled for Thursday evenings.

What is the schedule typically?  i.e. is it just one night a week and always the same night, or is it sporadic in time?
Games are scheduled one per week on the night assign by the league registered for.  

What about weather?  Are games ever canceled?
During the summer league, games will not be canceled due to whether.  If the captains are in agreement to postpone a game due to incliment weather (e.g. playing during a lightnight storm is not recommened), they can do so.  In such a case, please notify the league coordinator so as to reserve the court.

 Cost and prizes
How much does it cost to join the league?
The summer league is free.

Are any prizes awarded at the end of the league?
Since the summer league is free, no prizes are awarded.

What are the rules for this league?
Generally, the leagues follow published USAV rules with minor modification.  Both sets of rules (i.e. USAV and Rockwell specific) are available on the website (

Will there be teams of 4s or 6s?
The Rockwell leagues only designated as 6 person teams, and at least 6 people must appear on the roster of all teams.   However, the rules do allow for play with as few as 4 players without forfeiting the game.  You just may be playing against a full 6-person team, though.

Is this going to be a mixed league with coed rules or a men's league with men's rules?
Both Coed and Open (a.k.a ďmenísĒ) leagues are available.  The basic difference is the restriction on the number of male and female players allowed on the court at a time.  Otherwise, most other rules follow the published USAV menís rules.

Where are the games played at?
The winter volleyball games are played either at one of the local area schools (typicall Marion High School), or the Rockwell Recreation Center high courts.   The summer volleyball games are played on the sand courts of the Rockwell Collins Sports Park located on Collins Road, across the street from the Rockwell Rec. Center.

Can you give me/tell me where I can find more information regarding the summer or winter leagues?
The league website ( is maintained during the registration and regular season periods.   Further information is available by contacting the league coordinator.


For more information, contact either:
Tim Gale (295-3989)
Mandy Dodd (263-9167)