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295-8888, Category 4
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Last league news now displayed in our new Google Community (posted 5-Sep-14)
Due to the company's transition to Google, we have decided to use a Google Community as our primary means to communicating league news to those interested.  
This site will still be maintained for things such as match results and league standings.  
If you wish to stay in touch with the latest league happenings and/or subscribe to our communications, please visit us at:
Rockwell Collins Volleyball League Google Community
You can choose to monitor the site, or turn on notifications to stay informed.


New Online Registration Process (posted 9-May-11)
The new process follows the usual 3-step approach previously followed:

1. The captain creates a team.  
For this, the captain must go to the Team Creation page, and provides the necessary information.   In this process, the captain will be asked to create a team password.   He/she must relay this to his potential team members as they will be prompted for this password to join the team.

2. The individuals signup to play on the team.  
The participant goes to the Team Registration page, and locates the team he wants to join.   (This is also provided for easy reference below.)   From there, he/she clicks on the appropriate link for his/her team, and fills in the requested information.   Important notes to keep in mind:
- The captain must go through this process as well as each of the team members.  The process of the captain creating a team does not automatically add him to the player roster.  
- By clicking on the final acceptance button, the participant is effectively signing the waiver form.

3. The captain completes the team's registration.  
Since there is no fee for the summer leagues, the payment step is no required. However, Once the team has met the minimum number of registered participants, the captain will need to go to the Captain's Maintenance page and complete the test registration.  
Keep in mind that step 2 above can be done at any time, even during the season.   (A link can always be found on the left column.)   This allows teams to add replacement players, and or substitutes during the season.  

If you are looking for a team to join or sub on, or if you have a team but are short players, contact Tim Gale(x53989) to have your name added to the lists below.  Likewise, if a team signs you up, or you sign-up a player from these list, please let us know so we can keep the lists up-to-date.  Please include contact information and which league/division you are desiring.

Name  E-mail Phone Skill Level (1-10) Night
Name E-mail Phone Skill Level (1-10) Night
 Summer 2019 League Standings
 Team W  L Gpct
6 - P89 8  0 88 
1 - Volleywood 6  1 86 
4 - Six Packs 4  1 77 
9 - We Are Here 3  3 50 
7 - Block and Awe 2  4 13 
5 - Pray For Rain Outs 1  3 74 
2 - Razzberry Ultraballers 2  6 38 
8 - 4Raytheon 1  3 27 
10 - ThanosDidNothingWrong 1  4 29 
3 - Net Ninjas 1  4 20 
Complete standings and schedule

For more information, contact either:
Tim Gale (295-3989)
Mandy Dodd (263-9167)