1. Where are the games played at?

    The Cricket league has one field: the new field.  The following picture shows a map of the Collins C Ave Campus, from which you can see the softball diamonds to the right (east) of building 153 (south field) and the rec center (north field):


  1. Do I need a team in order to play?

    No. Registrations for the league are handled per player, not per teams. After a player registers he/she will be placed on a team.
  2. But what if I have a team already?

    The teams are created from the league roster after the registration period ends. The reason for this is to try to keep the teams as balanced as possible. When you register you can list people that you would like to play with or the team that you would like to be included in. While this cannot be guaranteed, your preferences will surely be considered in creating the teams, so long as it works to keep the team balanced with the other teams in the league.
  3. Who is eligible to play?

The following are eligible to play in the Rockwell Collins Cricket league (NOTE: all of the following also include the age requirement of "18 or older"):

o    Rockwell Collins Employee (self and/or spouse)

o    Rockwell Collins Contractor (self and/or spouse)

o    Rockwell Collins Retiree (self and/or spouse)

o    Rockwell Collins Recreation Center Member


  1. Do I need to be an experienced cricket player?

    No. The league is recreational, which means any skill level and experience is acceptable. The league is a mix of people with all different skill levels and experience. A team may have a complete beginner playing alongside someone that has played cricket since he/she could walk. The intent of the league is to enjoy the game, have fun, meet new friends, and strengthen existing friendships.
  2. How much does the league cost?

    The registration fee may vary per session. Contact the Recreation Center (295-2552) for more information (or, they will let you know how much to pay when you register).
  3. What day(s)/time(s) are the games?

    The games are played on Monday and Tuesday nights. The games start at 5:30pm.
  4. Is there a winter session?

  5. When are the different sessions?

    Since this is the start of the cricket league, due to time constrains, we will only be playing for the fall session this year. Starting next year there will three different sessions as follows:

Spring --> beg. of May to end of May
Summer --> mid-June to early/mid-August
Fall --> end of August/beg. of September to mid/end October

  1. How do I register for the league?

    To register, go to the Rockwell Collins Recreation Center.  You will be asked to complete a combined registration form (waiver form + supplemental form listing your skill level and preferences), and pay your registration fee.

    Registrations after the session deadline will only be accepted on an "as-needed" basis. That is, a late registrant will only be accepted if a team needs another player and the addition of the late registrant will not unbalance the teams.

  2. Who reports the playing roster for the game?

    The Neutral Umpire is responsible to collect and report the playing rosters of both teams for a match, e-mailed or faxed to the Webmaster. In the absence of the Neutral Umpire, it shall be the responsibility of the winning team captain to submit the playing rosters of both teams. Please note the scoresheets have to be reported by the winning team before the next game is played.

  3. How many players are there in a team in cricket?

    There are 11 players per team. This usually comprises of 6-7 batsmen and 4-5 bowlers. And one of these eleven acts as a wicket-keeper (catcher in baseball). The wicket-keeper is the only one in the fielding team who wears gloves.

  4. Tell me more about bowling! I want to be a bowler!

    The first thing you should know is that in cricket the ball is allowed to bounce before it gets to the batsman. In fact, when a ball gets to the batsman without pitching, it is considered 'poor bowling'.

    A bowler doesn't just STAND at the non-striker's end to bowl. He runs in from some distance and uses that momentum when he releases the ball.

    When a bowler bowls SIX legal deliveries (pitches), it constitutes one OVER (A
    One Day International match has fifty OVERS per team. We play fifteen over games in our league games, a shortened ODI game).

    Two common circumstances under which a delivery is not considered legal are a WIDE (when the ball is too far away from the batsman) or a NO-BALL (when the ball is too high for the batsman).

  5. What's a pitch?

    Ok, imagine a baseball diamond. Now, imagine there are only TWO bases instead of FOUR. That's a pitch!

  6. How big is a cricket ball exactly?

    It's actually not much bigger than a baseball! Maybe even smaller. Cricket balls are usually red in colour and are as hard as baseballs. However, and get this, fielders in cricket DON'T use gloves to catch the ball. Ouch!

    NOTE: When cricket is played for leisure and for this league, hard tennis balls are used rather than actual 'cricket' balls.