March Meeting Madness…

Thanks for everyone who attended our March meeting. As everyone may have noticed, our meeting day has changed. Following our poll, we have moved our meetings to every 2nd Thursday of the month. Hopefully this will allow more people to attend.

At this meeting and our February meeting we have welcomed new members. It’s always fun to have new people join the club.

A big thank you to Robert B. for demonstrating how to remove and install sights. This is got to be the most popular upgrade on pistols, often making a huge improvement over the stock sights. Robert’s instructions can be found here.

Robert also shared his experiences competing at Field Time. I’ve added the monthly competition to the calendar as a reminder. Congratulations Robert on coming in 1st Place!

Club Meeting Day Poll

Fridays seem to be a bit difficult because of folks wanting to get an early start to their weekend, take the day off for a long weekend, wanting to go out to lunch, etc. So, we are considering moving the club meeting to Thursday. Please let us know what works best for you…

You have until 3/10/2014 at noon to cast your vote.

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What day works better for you?