Valentine’s Day Meeting…

Thanks to all who attended, reaffirming the importance of our group getting together and sharing information.

Jed B. was kind enough to share his experience at the 139th California Pistol and Rifle Association Annual Gala that was held the previous weekend in Ontario, CA. His daughter Haley was awarded a Henry rifle. The rifle was 1 of 6 that was salvaged from storm damage that hit Henry’s facility. When Haley’s name was announced and she went to receive the award, everyone was standing and applauding. Jed must have been beaming with pride! The event sounds like fun… really nice door prizes, raffles, awards, etc. Maybe some of us will be able to attend next year.

We talked about the ruling on February 13th where the Ninth Circuit’s decision in Peruta v. San Diego affirms the right of law-abiding citizens to carry handguns for lawful protection in public. Although this is likely not over with the possibility of appeal or raising to the Supreme Court, it was still a huge win for the 2nd Amendment.

I also bragged about my attendance at Shot Show in January. What a great time! If anyone has a chance to attend, please don’t pass it up. You have to be in the firearms industry to qualify to attend. I fortunately was able to attend as a guest of one of the vendor’s. I’m already plotting on how to get in next year.

Ruger announced at Shot Show that they would no longer being selling new semi-automatic handguns in California because of the draconian laws, the latest being microstamping. Smith and Wesson made a similar announcement not long after Ruger. Here’s a link.

After all the news… we all got to take a look at Jeff A’s scope and scope rings. Nice scope.. Burris Scout 2-7x. And I really prefer those lower profile rings that you brought in.

I’m really digging the show and tell… I think many people benefit from this. If you have something that is appropriate to bring to a meeting (and if you are unsure, it is best to ask), then please, bring it in.

See you next month!