Our September Meeting…

It was good to continue to see new faces!

First topic was a recap of the Burro Fun Shoot. It was definitely hot out there, but all had a great time! Our next fun shoot will be October 26th (Saturday) and an email will be sent out to those on the club email list as we get closer to the date.

We thought it was important to spend some time discussing resources we have available to us here in California. We concentrated on CalGuns.net, Calguns Shooting Sports Association, and Calguns Foundation. These links are on our links page, so please check them out. If you don’t have a Calguns.net account to access their forums, you’ll never know what you are missing.

There’s been several unfavorable bills that passed in the California Senate. We had a great discussion about these bills and are urging everyone to call Governor Jerry Brown (916-445-2841) to voice your opposition to the further erosion of our constitutional rights and request that he veto any such bills. The Governor has until October 13th to veto these bills. If you would like to review these, I’ve found that Turner’s Outdoorsman has a link where the status seems to be very up-to-date.