It has Begun!

I’d like to thank everyone who attended the clubs first meeting. I think we were all pretty happy to see the amount of interest and participation among our colleagues.

Being this was the first meeting, we were trying gauge levels of experience and areas of interest. Based on input of the club members, future meetings will be targeted towards those interests. We are excited to get started!

If you indicated interest in getting together prior to the next club meeting to help you get started… please don’t forget to send me an email. I expect we’ll set something up in the next 2 weeks.

Just to rehash a few items…

    Appleseed has a fantastic marksmanship program. I’ve gone twice myself and can’t say enough about it. You can register for one of the monthly events at Raahauge’s in Corona, CA. If you do not have your own rifle (10/22 is recommended) and ammo, you can inquire with the volunteers that run the event to see if they can help you out.

    The Gun Book For Girls, which is also available in the flavor of Boys and Parents, was recommended reading for those getting started.

    California requires a Handgun Safety Certificate for those that want to purchase a handgun. To get the certificate you must get at least a 75% passing score on a 30 question multiple choice test, as well as demonstrate how to safely handle a handgun. There is a Study Guide to help prepare you.

    California has a Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale. These are the handguns that can be legally purchased in California.

    There was some interest in competition. We’ll have to dive into some detailed discussion in future meetings, but if you have questions you want answered now, let me know and we’ll find someone that can help. I’ll be adding some related sites links page.

    And don’t forget about the Warriors Night Fun Shoot on Friday, July 19th – a benefit where all net proceeds go towards supplying socks and shipping to Marine and Army Infantry Units in Afghanistan.