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cedar rapids, ia
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Live Wire, A League
captain: Chad Weber, work: 319-295-9421
 registered team members 
• Aric Becker • Daniel Dietrich II • Matt Ditch
• Devin Elbert • Jason Goslin • Sam Hammes
• Justin Harms • Tom Holubar • Michael Jandik
• Aaron Lamaak • Rowdy Morris • Jesse Pisarik
• Brian Schmuecker • Jake Sutherland • Chad Weber
Moe’s Tavern, A League
captain: Tim Blevins, work: 319-295-7754
 registered team members 
• Jeremy Bergh • Tim Blevins • Brett Caspers
• Larry Hicks • Nic Jaeger • Wesley McGee
• Lyle Richard • Freeland Shaw • J. R. Skola
• Christopher Yates    
Balls Deep, B League
captain: Andrew Morey, work: 319-263-3543
 registered team members 
• Jared Cunningham • Ryan Danley • Barry "Tanner" Hull
• Blake Michalec • Andrew Morey • Brandon Morey
• Brian Munson • Josh Putz • Tyler Rains
• Adam Roepke • Nate Rohrssen  
Outta Staters, B League
captain: John Klimek, work: 269-208-9192
 registered team members 
• Brian Buehler • Chad Edwards • Nick Freese
• Shawn Freese • John Klimek • Chad Kubly
• Chad Lind • JJ Rodenburg • Jordan Roe
• Jeremy Seiler • Benjamin Skogerboe • Josh Smith
• Brett Tiffany    
Team RamRod, B League
captain: Michael Vosatka, work: 319-263-3811
 registered team members 
• William Allen • Edward Anctil • John Armstrong
• Randall Baughman • Shawn Edwards • Ajay Karthik Ganesan
• Nate Grinvalds • Phillip Hardware • Eddie Hofer
• Jeremy Kolthoff • Bradley McIntire • Justin Mills
• Brett Nickell • Pranay Reddy • Jason Valestin
• Michael Vosatka    
The Affiliates, B League
captain: Ryan Olson, work: 319-263-2231
 registered team members 
• Jordan Cannon • Ben Dattilo • Tremain Dwight
• Nick Eisenhauer • Seth Fontenot • Matt Higgins
• James Kleveland • Ryan Olson • Tim Pekau
• Kurt A Schindler II • Ty Silver • Brandon Tomlinson
The Free Agents, B League
captain: Brian Heimer, work: 319-321-9433
 registered team members 
• Matt Clark • Justin Cook • Kevin Cortez
• Riley Hampton • Ronald B Hartwig • Brian Heimer
• Cody Londal • Johnathan Malone • Jordan Maples
• Ryan Nelson • Trent Norden • Akil Patel
• Nathan Prom • Eric Wood  
Fall 2015 Registration
by: Chad Weber posted: Wednesday, July 15, 2015
Team Registration is now open (July 15th).
Team Registration will go until the August 21st.
Player registration will remain open until the second to last week of the regular season.
Football League Contact
by: Jeff Havel posted: Saturday, August 10, 2013
Chad Weber - 295-9421
Problems with the web page or the registration forms?
Larry Tjaden - 365-8160
No Team to Join?
by: Chad Weber posted: Friday, August 9, 2013
If you are new to the League and don’t have a team to play on, fill in this form and our League Coordinator will get in contact with you.
Click here to get on the list.
Football Captains...
Register your Team On-line
by: Chad Weber posted:
1. Assemble your team of 7 or more members.
2. Complete the on-line form linked below. Include a password (up to ten characters) that your members will use to register with your team.
3. Submit the form and pay the ($200) team fee on-line using your Credit Card.
4. The Football League Coordinator will review your form and make it active.
5. Inform your team that they should use the link inside your team’s text box to register - and be sure to tell them the password.
6. Don’t forget to register for your own team...

Register a Flag Football Team.


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