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Cedar Rapids, IA - Sports League News

Ping Pong League — Table Tennis League (Spring 2018)
 posted: February 27, 2018  by: Don Wright  Registration is now open for the Spring 2018 Table Tennis Session. We will be running games on Fridays from 5:30pm - 8:30pm and Sundays from 5:00pm - 8:00pm. We will start on Friday 3/30/18.

Click HERE to fill out a registration form and pay the fee on-line.
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Volleyball League — Winter 2018 Volleyball
 posted: January 8, 2018  by:  Nick Barbaro  • Team Registration is now CLOSED
Team Registration is FULL for the Winter 2018 Season. Play begins Wednesday, January 10th & Thursday, January 11th.
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Basketball League — Winter 2018 Season
 posted: December 3, 2017  by: Ajay  • Team Registration is OPEN
Team Registration is now open from December 4 ’til January 8th. Season will run from January 15 to April 30. Games will be played on Mondays and Tuesdays. 5 to 10 players on a team...
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Futsal League — Saturday Registration is FULL !
 posted: October 10, 2017  by: Casey Kohl  Play will begin on Saturday, October 28 and run every Saturday from 10 a.m.-noon and every Tuesday from 8-10 a.m. unless the Rec Center has an activity on the courts. The final session will be on May 1st and May 5th.
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Dodgeball League — Sign-up Now: Summer Dodgeball
 posted: June 8, 2017  by: Tanner Sather  • Dodgeball Summer League
Registration is now open for Summer Dodgeball !!! Join our community and we will provide more details of time/dates etc.

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Soccer League — Summer 2017 Session
 posted: May 1, 2017  by: Rob Nolting  Soccer Team and Player Registration is OPEN for the upcoming Summer Season.
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Golf League(s) — 2018 GOLF SEASON
 posted: February 8, 2017  by: Toni Mrkvicka  • TIME TO START THINKING ABOUT GOLF
The 2018 Golf season is fast approaching us. Registration is now open. If you are new to the Rockwell Golf league please contact either a league coordinator listed on this page or feel free to contact Toni Mrkvicka 319-295-1870 with any questions.
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